Mary Grace (MG) is an artist and scholar living with cystic fibrosis, a chronic illness that informs her daily art and writing practice. In an effort to combine art theory and art practice, Mary Grace analyzes contemporary performance artists through performances of her own. In an attempt to break down binaries, she makes the invisibility of chronic illness visible and advocates the importance of bringing the (dis)abled community to the forefront of art historical and theoretical conversations. In addition to performance, she also works in sculpture, photography, installation, digital video, and graphic design.

“I am an artist, writer and theorist working to explore and amplify voices of other (dis)abled artist. I focus on intersectional discussions of the bodymind and the relationships between the public and private spheres of experience. My work critiques the medical industrial complex and it’s capitalistic views of care. My art is largely performative and ritualistic as well as intellectual and cerebral. I want the viewer to feel and think in new ways.” – MG Bernard

image (c) Sarah Krantz