Cystic Fibrosis Coloring Book

Cystic Fibrosis Coloring Book

Publication, 2018

A cystic fibrosis coloring book for children and adults living with cystic fibrosis (CF) and others who are interested in knowing more about CF. 2ooo copies, along with 2000 boxes of coloring pencils, were donated to hospitals across the United States in order to be distributed to a person with CF when they arrive at the hospital. I hope to provide people with CF a fun and stress-reducing activity while they are in the hospital for long amounts of time, while maintaining an educational aspect that encourages people to complete their treatments and medications through a process of self-identification and connection to other people with CF around the globe.

My inspiration for the coloring book stems from personal experience who is often admitted to the hospital for reasons relating to CF (i.e. an exacerbation). From these experiences, I have found that staying in the hospital for a week or more can be extremely stressful when you are constantly bombarded with doctors, IV nurses, hospital nurses, respiratory therapists, and social workers, and it is difficult to continue your daily work (studying, replying to emails, etc.) when you are too sick. Thus, while trying to explore new ways to keep myself occupied when I was too sick to focus on normal daily work, I came across the popularity of adult coloring books as a successful method of staying occupied while simultaneously reducing stress.

Through my discovery, I found that other people with CF might have this similar need: a stress-reducing activity that keeps them focused on something outside of the hospital atmosphere, but also educates them on why they are in the hospital. My process for developing the coloring book spanned over several months of trial and error, from deciding which medications and devices to include in the book, to designing the coloring pages, to writing simple but educational text. As a result, each coloring page of the book is joined with a description about what is being or will be colored in. 

Images (c) Erynn McConnell