Cough, Cough

installation, 2014

in collaboration with Melissa Tamporello. It was first created and displayed for an art event in May, 2014. The idea stemmed from Mary Grace’s illness, cystic fibrosis, and the abundance of medical supplies that comes with sickness. The installation creates an environment for viewers to experience. You are isolated when you step between the plastic sheeting, exposed to bright lighting, and a chair that you feel obligated to sit in. When a viewer sits in the chair they will put on the headphones and hear an array of discomforting sounds that emulate being sick in the hospital.

Cough, Cough is meant to evoke ideas and emotions that help the viewer understand what it is like to be forced to spend prolonged periods of time in a hospital. As a patient, you must relinquish any power you have and put your life in the hands of others. After so many times you become numb to the experience because relinquishing your strength is better than relinquishing your life. – Melissa Tamporello


Cough, Cough, Vimeo

images (c) Rachel June