It hurts but it feels good (Work in Progress)

Digital video, projector, headphones, media player, pedestals, saline, blood, syringes, tegaderm, statlock, medical tubing, 2018-present

Bernard’s exhibition Digital Embodiment features her own work, in addition to the digital offerings of other (dis)abled US artists. Her installation, It hurts but it feels good (2018-present), is comprised of a short video and relics shared from her life as a person living with cystic fibrosis. The film shows the artist in clinic during the end of a routine, but painful, two-stage PICC line procedure in which a catheter is connected to her pulmonary vein, delivering fluids and antibiotics, and is removed by a nurse weeks later. Bernard describes fearing the insertion but deriving relief and even pleasure from the removal. Projected onto life-sized pedestals and subtitled, the film not only embodies Bernard’s commitment to making her art accessible, it also gives the sense that the spectator and Bernard are at least close in scale yet separated by space and time. – Danielle Moon Cunningham

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It hurts but it feels good, YouTube

images (c) Erynn McConnell