Revealed Body

thirty minute performance followed by discussion, 2018

Each person experiences something different when they are performing in front of an audience. However, I wanted to perform for this project in order to understand the lived body experience and what it means to be embodied in front of an audience, in the public realm. I chose to look only at the camera filming in front of me instead of engaging with the audience. I felt this was important because I distinctly wanted my body to be both subject and object of this work of art.

After the performance ended, I had a discussion with the audience about their experience of the performance. The silence, the constant coughing, and the sound of machines provided an atmosphere of extreme focus and meditation. Overall, everyone agreed that the largest impact was the realization of how long my treatment takes, and how many times a day I have to do it. As a result of this realization, the audience felt empathetic and embodied a type of ethical spectatorship.


Revealed Body, ASAP/10 Presentation

images (c) Hannah Ronan-Daniell