1 hour 30 minute performance as part of ArtHyve’s “Archives as Muse” program, 2020

We the members of Hexus Collective commemorate four disabled artist activists, Liz Sexton, Deborah Williams, Barbara Lisicki, and Paddy Masefield, and the decades-long fight for disability justice and equality (a fight that is particularly prevalent in Denver’s public transportation history). These artists and others founded the Disability Arts Movement (DAM) in the UK. Their images, featured here on protest-like signs, were graciously provided by the UK’s National Disability Arts Collection & Archive (NDACA). Hexus – the three figures you see walking, dressed in white – all have invisible disabilities (conditions like chronic and mental illnesses that are not immediately recognizable as disabilities). We carry images of the artists/activists to honor their contributions to creating fairness in the arts. We also reference the common practice of processing the remains of revered figures through public spaces. Because we walk in the street, we demand space for our disabled bodies.

image documentation courtesy of Wesley Leffingwell

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video documentation filmed by Wesley Leffingwell and Hexus Collective