Site-specific installation, digital photographs and videos, archival inkjet prints, 2020

(videos in collaboration with Grayson Fiske, photographs in collaboration with Danielle Cunningham). Metamorphosis consists of a series of photographs, videos with composed soundtracks, and site-specific installations. These works trace the continuous transformation of the artist’s “bodymind” after starting three phases of new drugs developed for cystic fibrosis. Using pink and red colors to symbolize the inside of her bodymind and her perpetual cell renewal, like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly, she envisions extruding herself from a cocoon of regenerative ectoplasm while questioning the drugs’ ultimate purpose: to erase her disabled identity. In addition to the sounds and visuals, the installation also incorporates smell with several bottles of brewed Passion tea to invigorate new senses.

image documentation courtesy of Mary Grace Bernard

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