Altar’d Continuum: Resistance and Empowerment in Sacred Spaces

Curated exhibition, 2019

Featuring works by Ester Hernandez, Judy Miranda, Eileen Roscina Richardson, Louis Trujillo, Ana Mendieta, Jolene Yazzie, Rose B. Simpson, Sierra Montoya Barela, Yreina Cervantez, Jude Sanchez, Alma Trevizo, and Grace Gutierrez. 

(in collaboration with Danielle Cunningham and Laura Beacom). This exhibition emphasizes the altar as both a physical and non-physical space for personalized ritual exchange between humans and the divine. By pairing contemporary artists alongside religious ofrendas, retablos, and other iconography from the museum’s collections, the exhibition illustrates the altar’s inherent transcendence of time and space. These new altars reject any singular context, operating as platforms of resistance through which altar-makers reinterpret traditional practices and reclaim power from mainstream institutions.

image documentation courtesy of Erynn McConnell


Latin Life Denver, 303 Magazine, Westword

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