Making the Invisible Visible: Performing the (Dis)abled Bodymind

Paper presentation and performance, 2019

A paper presentation and performance discussing my interpretation for why performance art is a powerful medium for artists who identify as (dis)abled.

While focusing on performances by Carolyn Lazard and myself, this project focuses on topics of care and dependency in conjunction with the theoretical terms: bodymind, (dis)ability, and crip time. How do these (dis)abled artists incorporate care and dependency in performance? In addition, via an analysis of writings and interviews with Constantina Zavitsanos and Park McArthur, I ask: How can the above terms help us better understand the care and dependency involved in the private realm of (dis)ability? And, how does the realm of (dis)ability expand to the public and confront the political via performance?

image documentation courtesy of Carolyn Lazard, Mary Grace Bernard, and Alex Woodward

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video documentation by Danielle Cunningham