Digital Embodiment

Curated virtual and in-person exhibition at Art Gym Denver, May 23 – June 14, 2019

Featuring works by Carolyn Lazard, Constantina Zavitsanos, Park McArthur, Melissa Tamporello, Mary Grace Bernard, Bob Flanagan, and Sheree Rose.

The exhibition reveals (dis)abled artists working within the digital realm as a way to create artworks beyond materiality. Using time-based works that exist only within the digital, each artist explores ideas of care, dependency, healing, pain, and crip time in order to digitally embody the (dis)abled body experience. By transforming the private sphere of (dis)ability into the digital sphere, which can be both private and public, each artist takes agency in revealing an invisible experience to the world via the Internet.

image documentation courtesy of Erynn McConnell

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